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 The Sculptor and the Shadow ~A Harvest Festival Tale~ (10/12/2010)

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PostSubject: The Sculptor and the Shadow ~A Harvest Festival Tale~ (10/12/2010)   10/12/2010, 10:05 am

The nights grow longer, the wind brisk and chill. The leaves on the trees have begun to take on shades of auburn and gold.

Harvest Festival season is close at hand.

In the three nations, moogles can be seen flitting to and fro, no doubt in the process of planning another seasonal surprise for their adventurer friends. What could it be this time? Secretive as ever, the MHMU representative we spoke to left only a cryptic comment about lanterns before vanishing off down a shadowy alley.

Nevertheless, we've come upon a rumor that just might shed light on the situation.

Read on for the chilling details!
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The Sculptor and the Shadow ~A Harvest Festival Tale~ (10/12/2010)
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