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 Beat the Heat with the Sunbreeze Festival!

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PostSubject: Beat the Heat with the Sunbreeze Festival!   8/10/2009, 10:18 am

Beat the Heat with the Sunbreeze Festival!  (07/24/2009)

Ah, summer in Vana'diel—a season of scorching days and sweltering nights that will have you working up a sweat just standing around in your subligar.

But don't just stay cooped up in your Mog House casting Waterga on yourself until the cool breezes of autumn blow in. Why, you'd be missing out on one of the liveliest celebrations of the year!

Don't you hear the powerful swoosh, boom, and crackle of fireworks in the night sky? The joyous strains of a summer melody in the air?
That's right, friend—the Sunbreeze Festival is just around the corner!

Read on for the cool, refreshing details!

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Beat the Heat with the Sunbreeze Festival!
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