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 Scars of Abyssea Trailer Goes Live! (09/02/2010)

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PostSubject: Scars of Abyssea Trailer Goes Live! (09/02/2010)   9/16/2010, 9:29 am

With Scars of Abyssea now available for advance purchase via PlayOnline, players have no doubt been wondering what challenges await them. Well, wonder no more, for a promotional trailer offering a sneak peek at this latest battle add-on is now available!

The official site has also been updated with details on Empyrean Armor, a powerful new set of equipment that will be available to those who prove themselves worthy. Players can also get a glimpse of some of the frightful fiends that prowl the battered lands of this dying world. Check it out today!

Access the official Scars of Abyssea site.

*Scars of Abyssea will become playable to purchasing users upon downloading and installing the next FINAL FANTASY XI version update, currently scheduled for Wednesday, September 8.
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Scars of Abyssea Trailer Goes Live! (09/02/2010)
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