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 Buffaloes Blaze Onward: A Rip-Roarin' Ronfaure Rodeo! (09/21/2010)

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PostSubject: Buffaloes Blaze Onward: A Rip-Roarin' Ronfaure Rodeo! (09/21/2010)   9/21/2010, 9:42 am

Step right up, pardner, 'cause it's that time o' the year again!

What time, you say? Kupo-whoa-whoa there! Did you get kicked in the noggin' by a stampedin' steer!? I'm talkin' about none other'n the Buffalo Blitz, of course!

What started out as a couple o' adventurers payin' tribute to a reckless, rousin' Orcish tradition has become a rasslin' and wranglin' extravaganza celebrated across the realm. Why, even now I see a band of brave adventurers headin' out to the range to rein in for themselves a belligerent bovine or two...

Mosey on over for the full story!
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Buffaloes Blaze Onward: A Rip-Roarin' Ronfaure Rodeo! (09/21/2010)
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